Infinite-dimensional Geometry: Theory and Applications

The aim of the project is to reinforce the collaboration between scientists from austrian research institutions and international institutions around the topic of infinite dimensional geometry. Direct applications of the theoretical aspects of infinite dimensional geometry to numerical schemes for solving partial differential equations coming from hydrodynamics, as well as medical applications of shape analysis are part of the program.

The programme will last five 5 weeks, each devoted to different topic ranging from abstract theoretical questions to very concrete applications (e.g. medical).

Each week three mini-courses and four keynote speakers are envisioned. Short talks from the participants will complete the programme.

  • Week 1: Geometric structures and infinite-dimensional manifolds
  • Week 2: Dynamical systems and infinite-dimensional manifolds
  • Week 3: Homeomorphisms of S^1 and their extensions
  • Week 4: Shape Analysis and Geometry
  • Week 5: Shape Analysis and Medical Applications

Detailed schedule together with the list of speakers will be announced at a later date.

Coming soon.

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At a glance
Thematic Programme
Jan. 13, 2025 — Feb. 14, 2025
ESI Boltzmann Lecture Hall
Tomasz Goliński (U of Białystok)
Gabriel Larotonda (U of Buenos Aires)
Alice Barbara Tumpach (WPI, Vienna)
Cornelia Vizman (WU Timisoara)