Thematic Programmes

Thematic programmes offer the opportunity for a large number of scientists at all career stages to come together for discussions, brainstorming, seminars and collaboration. They typically last between 4 and 12 weeks, and are structured to cover several topical focus areas connected by a main theme in mathematics, physics or at the interface between them. A programme may also include shorter workshop-like periods.

Note that participation in thematic programmes is by invitation only.

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Current and Upcoming

The Landscape vs. the Swampland July 1, 2024 — Aug. 9, 2024 Thematic Programme
Linking Microscopic Processes to the Macroscopic Rheological Properties in Inert and Living Soft Materials Aug. 19, 2024 — Oct. 11, 2024 Thematic Programme
Infinite-dimensional Geometry: Theory and Applications Jan. 13, 2025 — Feb. 14, 2025 Thematic Programme
Entanglement in Many-body Quantum Matter: Dynamics, Dissipation, Equilibration May 12, 2025 — June 13, 2025 Thematic Programme
Reverse Mathematics June 23, 2025 — Aug. 29, 2025 Thematic Programme
Free Boundary Problems Sept. 29, 2025 — Dec. 19, 2025 Thematic Programme

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