Information for Organizers

Organization of a programme or workshop


Once a thematic programme or workshop has been accepted and a time slot has been allocated, the organizers should discuss possible periods of stay with potential participants, in particular with regard to their participation in core activities of the programme or workshop. Since the facilities of the ESI are limited, the number of participants of a core activity like a workshop should not exceed 60. The ESI also supports events that take place online or that want to include a wider audience by including online activities, such as live streaming talks or incorporating online elements in a hybrid fashion, with a wide range of tools that organizers can use.

One year before the start of a thematic programme the organizers ought to submit a written progress report to the Director of the ESI describing the status of the organization.

The ESI provides an extra web page for each programme or workshop on the ESI homepage. This web page shows a text describing the activity and information on the structure of the event, as well as a schedule and a list of participants that have already accepted the official invitation. The organizers are kindly requested to inform the ESI administration of any major changes before publishing it on the web page.

The ESI website provides also an online registration and management tool. All participants will get a login to manage their data, stays and also submit their talks and abstracts.

Organizers will also get a login to manage their own data and stays and, moreover, can manage their activity online. The most important features are adding information on the event web page, creating the list of participants and the schedule online by using the talks already submitted by the speakers.

The ESI issues the invitation to participants of a programme or workshop. Organizers must provide a list of invitees who have already agreed to take part. The information on each participant must contain the following:

  • first and last name of the participant
  • title / prefix
  • affiliation and e-mail address
  • for participants of a thematic programme: duration or exact dates of stay or core activity they shall be invited to (use "organizer comment" or "stay period")
  • information on financial support (per diem): number of nights at EUR 80 (max.) or no ESI support

The list of the participants has to be submitted to the ESI administration directly through the website no later than 8 months prior to the start of the thematic programme or workshop. Note that official invitations and offers of support can only be sent out by the ESI administration and will contain information on housing at special ESI rates (see Accommodation) and a sign-up link to register on the ESI website.

Please note the ESI regulation that a per diem payment can only be offered to participants staying at minimum 4 nights.

The ESI budget can only be used for per diem payments to non-local participants to cover their local costs (mainly hotel) and will be managed by the ESI directly. However, a small part of the budget can be used for a conference dinner taking place at a Heurigen or restaurant, following the regulations of the University of Vienna, instead for per diem payments.

We ask participants to submit title and abstract of their talks online in case they are invited by organizers to give one. Additional information, like "Speaker" or &travel costs from third party funds", as well as further relevant information, should be added in the “comment organizers” field.

Programme and workshop schedules have to respect the fact that the Institute is closed during weekends and Austrian public holidays and must take place within the official office hours at the ESI, from 9 am to 5 pm on work days. hours at the ESI, from 9 am to 5 pm on work days. The last talk has to end at 4:45 pm to have time left for questions and closing the lecture hall. The organizers have to set up the schedule online at the web page. The speakers consent to the recording and the publication at the ESI YouTube channel are asked for when they submit their talks. They only have to check the appropriate boxes. The ESI staff can then easily generate a list with this information.

The ESI administration may also help to set up a social event like a conference dinner. The event key data (Name, place, dates, time, contribution, meeting point, deadline for registration,...) will be added on the internal web page of the event and can be seen by each participant. The ESI will send out an invitation e-mail to all. The participants can register for the event online. Afterwards a list of participants can be generated automatically. Please contact the ESI administration to set up such an event.


At least one of the organizers must be present at the ESI at any given time during the programme or workshop. Regular communication with the head of the ESI administration is crucial in order to guarantee the smooth running of the programme or workshop.

As a service to the local scientific community it is highly desirable to have a series of introductory keynote lectures at the beginning of the activity, that gives an overview of important questions in the field and helps young participants to get a broader view. Announcements of lectures have to be made through the ESI administration office at least one week in advance in order to enable interested scientists from surrounding academic institutions to attend, and in order to avoid possible time clashes with other scientific activities.

The ESI has launched a video recording system. Lectures and talks of the ESI activities will be recorded, provided speakers have given their consent, and then made available through the ESI YouTube channel. The speaker ́s consent will be asked for during the procedure of submitting the title and abstract through the web page.
We hope that this additional feature for documentation will be welcomed by all speakers and ask for your support in this matter. Please mention this additional asset when opening the workshop.

The ESI's financial support (per diem), as granted in the letter of invitation, is submitted for payment by bank transfer after the guest's departure from Vienna and will take around four weeks. We would highly appreciate if the ESI visitors would acknowledge the support they received from the ESI in all of their preprints and papers that are connected to the activity they participated in. The organizers are invited to emphasize this to participants during the ESI event.

The ESI provides desk space to all long-term visitors. Workshop participants may also have access to desk space if available.


A scientific report on the thematic programme or workshop should reach the ESI Director no later than 2 months after it has ended. It should contain a description of the scientific activities and of any important results obtained.Lists of participants and lectures will be added by the ESI. A template for this report will be provided by the ESI.

It is vital for the further funding of the ESI to keep track of preprints and publications where the support of the institute is acknowledged. The organizers are asked to assist the ESI in this matter by forwarding the text below to the participants of the progamme or workshop:

“The ESI kindly asks you to send information about preprints/publications where the support you received during your stay at the institute is acknowledged to with a CC to as follows:

  • Subject: ESI Research documentation / Short_title_of_the_ESI_activity_YEAR
  • Email content: Author(s) / title / arXiv number or journal reference / Short_title_of_the_ESI_activity_YEAR”