Mathematical Perspectives of Gravitation beyond the Vacuum Regime

Purpose of the thematic programme:

The main aim of the programme is to drive progress by connecting researchers working on different matter models and by advertising open problems that can serve as an entry point for researchers from other areas. In particular, we want to bring together people who work on {different types of }relativistic matter with {each other and with }those who work on non-relativistic matter. We believe large benefits are to be gained from increased interactions that would hopefully lead to exchanges of ideas and techniques that could be used to spur progress on outstanding problems in both areas. 

Key dates of the programme:

Spring School: 07/02/2022 to 11/02/2022
Workshop: 14/02/2022 to 18/02/2022
See below for the program of the spring school and a preliminary list of speakers in the workshop.

The program is supported by the Faculty of Physics of the University of Vienna and Chalmers University of Technology.



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  • David Fajman (U Vienna) — Organizer
  • Jérémie Joudioux (MPIGP, Potsdam) — Organizer
  • Philippe G. LeFloch (Sorbonne U, Paris)
  • Hans Lindblad (Johns Hopkins U, Baltimore)
  • Todd Oliynyk (Monash U, Melbourne) — Organizer
  • Olivier Sarbach (UMICH)
  • Robert Strain (UPenn, Philadelphia)
  • Sijue Wu (U of Michigan, Ann Arbor)
  • Zoe Wyatt (U Cambridge)
At a glance
Thematic Programme
Jan. 31, 2022 — March 11, 2022
ESI Boltzmann Lecture Hall
Håkan Andréasson (CUT, Gothenburg)
David Fajman (U Vienna)
Jérémie Joudioux (MPIGP, Potsdam)
Todd Oliynyk (Monash U, Melbourne)