Theta correspondence and wave front set

Anne-Marie Aubert (CNRS, Paris)

Apr 11. 2022, 10:45 — 11:30

We will first introduce the notion of support for characters of finite groups of Lie type, explain how it relates to that of wave front set, and describe applications of the latter to character expansions of depth-zero representations of p-adic reductive groups.

Next, we will outline the theta correspondence for dual pairs (G,G') of classical groups over finite fields, which attaches to a given irreducible representation of G a finite collection of irreducible representations of G', and perform a way of extracting two "extremal" represensations from this collection. We will show that, for representations in the principal series, the wave front set of the maximal representation  in the collection contains the wave front sets of all the representations that belong to it.


Further Information
ESI Boltzmann Lecture Hall
Associated Event:
Minimal Representations and Theta Correspondence (Workshop)
Wee Teck Gan (U of Singapore)
Marcela Hanzer (U Zagreb)
Alberto Minguez (U of Vienna)
Goran Muic (U Zagreb)
Martin Weissman (UC Santa Cruz)