Non-regular Spacetime Geometry

Recently, regularity issues have increasingly come into the focus of researchers in Mathematical General Relativity and in Lorentzian geometry as they have turned out to be crucial in solving some of the most persistent open questions in the field. Traditionally most studies have assumed, explicitly or implicitly, smoothness of the metric. However, new insights are needed when the metric is not $C^2$ and, consequently, it appears reasonable to call such geometries non-regular spacetimes.

In Riemannian signature geometers have long studied non-regular manifolds using a variety of methods, such as comparison geometry, metric geometry and others. Many of these techniques have yet to be exported to the Lorentzian setting since, of course, a number of difficulties have to be addressed. At the moment the field is very dynamic as new methods and approaches are being developed and merged together with older techniques and accounts.

This workshop aims at gathering researchers at the forefront of the field to discuss and advance recent related results in areas such as causality theory, cone and Lorentz-Finsler structures, Alexandrov geometry, length spaces, metric geometry, ${C}^0$-extendibility of spacetimes, transport theory and curvature-dimension conditions, as well as non-commutative geometry.

In the first week (March 13 - 17) there will be a conference on the topics of the workshop.


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Name Affiliation
Piotr T. Chruściel University of Vienna
Melanie Graf University of Tübingen
Michael Kunzinger University of Vienna
Ettore Minguzzi University of Florence
Roland Steinbauer University of Vienna


Name Affiliation
Brian Allen Lehman College
Charlie Beil University of Graz
Tobias Beran University of Vienna
Mathias Braun University of Toronto
Annegret Burtscher Radboud University
Matteo Calisti University of Vienna
Fabio Cavalletti SISSA
Albert Fathi Georgia Institute of Technology
Christopher Fewster University of York
Felix Finster Universität Regensburg
Jose Luis Flores University of Malaga
Leonardo García-Heveling Radboud University
Nicola Gigli SISSA
James D. E. Grant University of Surrey
Stacey Harris Saint Louis University
John Harvey Cardiff University
Albert Huber University of Applied Sciences Vienna
Miguel Ángel Javaloyes Victoria University of Murcia
Eric Ling Rutgers University
Miguel Manzano Universidad de Salamanca
Marc Mars University of Salamanca
Pierre Martinetti Università di Genova
Lorenzo Mazzieri University of Trento
Benjamin Meco Uppsala University
Tomasz Miller Copernicus Center for Interdisciplinary Studies, Jagiellonian University (Krakow, Poland)
Carla Mladek University of Vienna
Andrea Mondino University of Oxford
Valter Moretti Universität Trient
Olaf Müller Humboldt University
Argam Ohanyan University of Vienna
Shin-ichi Ohta Osaka University
Jiri Podolsky University of Prague
Moritz Reintjes City University of Hong Kong
Chiara Rigoni University of Vienna
Felix Rott University of Vienna
Anna Sakovich Uppsala University
Clemens Sämann University of Oxford
Miguel Sanchez Universidad de Granada
Jan Sbierski University of Edinburgh
Jose M M Senovilla University of the Basque Country Bilbao
Didier Solis Gamboa Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán
Stefan Suhr Ruhr-Universität Bochum
Sumati Surya Raman Research Institute
Giorgos Tsimperis Cardiff University
James A. Vickers University of Southampton
Daniele Volpe University of Trento
Eric Woolgar University of Alberta
At a glance
March 13, 2023 — March 24, 2023
ESI Boltzmann Lecture Hall
Piotr T. Chruściel (U of Vienna)
Melanie Graf (U Tübingen)
Michael Kunzinger (U of Vienna)
Ettore Minguzzi (U Florence)
Roland Steinbauer (U of Vienna)