Correlative cryo super-resolution fluorescence microscopy and cryo electron tomography

Rainer Kaufmann (CSSB, Hamburg)

Mar 25. 2021, 09:15 — 10:00

Super-resolution methods present a true game changer for the field of correlative light and electron microscopy (CLEM). They allow bridging the big resolution gap between conventional fluorescence microscopy (FM) and electron microscopy (EM). Cryo-EM has evolved to a routine method for structural biology. Particularly cryo electron tomography offers insights into intact cells at unprecedented resolution. On the contrary, super-resolution FM under cryo-conditions is still at a very early and experimental stage. However, the combination of both cryo-microscopy methods has great potential to open up a wide range of new application possibilities in structural and cellular biology. One of the major obstacles for the successful implementation of super-resolution cryo-CLEM is the risk of devitrification of the sample during super-resolution data acquisition. Typically, relatively high laser intensities are required for the photo-switching of fluorescent molecules to achieve resolution improvement. In my talk, I will discuss the challenges, current solutions and prospects of super-resolution cryo-CLEM.

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Tomographic Reconstructions and their Startling Applications (Online Workshop)
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