Bayesian approach to quantitative photoacoustic tomography

Tanja Tarvainen (U of Eastern Finland, Joensuu)

Mar 18. 2021, 14:45 — 15:30

We study the inverse problem of quantitative photoacoustic tomography in the framework of Bayesian inverse problems. Posterior distribution and point estimates are examined. Furthermore, we study modelling of errors in situations in which the forward model contains uncertainties.

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Erwin Schrödinger Institute - virtual
Associated Event:
Tomographic Reconstructions and their Startling Applications (Online Workshop)
Wolfgang Drexler (Med U Vienna)
Peter Elbau (U Vienna)
Ronny Ramlau (RICAM, Linz)
Monika Ritsch-Marte (Med Uni Innsbruck)
Otmar Scherzer (U Vienna)
Gerhard Schütz (TU Vienna)