Infinite distances, the scalar potential and non-geometry

Thomas Raml (MPP, Munich)

Jul 15. 2024, 14:30 — 15:00

Within the Swampland program, the distance conjecture diagnoses viable low-energy effective theories by examining their breakdown at infinite distance in their parameter space. At the same time, infinite distance points in parameter space are naturally intertwined with string dualities and in particular T-duality. In this talk, I will show that this relation becomes much richer and intricate when the internal space is curved or supported by fluxes. Furthermore I provide evidence of how divergent potentials signal pathological infinite distance points, leading us to suggest an extension to the Swampland distance conjecture. Finally, I will comment on the prospect of defining distances in the space of geometries with scalar potentials utilising generalised Ricci flows. This work is in collaboration with Saskia Demulder and Dieter Lüst.

Further Information
ESI Boltzmann Lecture Hall
Associated Event:
The Landscape vs. the Swampland (Thematic Programme)
Gary Shiu (U of Wisconsin-Madison)
Washington Taylor (MIT, Cambridge)
Irene Valenzuela (CERN, Geneva)
Timm Wrase (Lehigh U, Bethlehem)