Subleading-Power Soft Subtleties in SIDIS

Johannes Michel (MIT, Cambridge)

Aug 08. 2023, 11:30 — 12:30

We consider the factorization of transverse momentum-dependent azimuthal asymmetries in semi-inclusive DIS (SIDIS) and Drell-Yan, which appear at the first subleading power in the expansion for small transverse momentum. These observables feature an intricate all-order resummation structure common to many applications of SCET at subleading power. In addition, and perhaps more importantly, they provide access to nonperturbative higher-point quark-gluon-quark (QGQ) correlation functions in the nucleon or in the fragmentation cascade. In this talk I discuss the role of soft contributions that give rise to a distinct term present only in SIDIS factorization theorems. Interestingly, the relevant soft functions are intricately connected to those appearing in multi-differential threshold factorization, allowing us to pin down their all-order structure. This plays a crucial role for a finite renormalized treatment of the collinear QGQ correlators.

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ESI Schrödinger Lecture Hall
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Quantum Field Theory at the Frontiers of the Strong Interaction (Thematic Programme)
André H. Hoang (U of Vienna)
Simon Plätzer (U of Graz)
Massimiliano Procura (U of Vienna)
Malin Sjödahl (Lund U)
Iain Stewart (MIT, Cambridge)