Unusual representations of blackbody radiation

Stephen Barnett (U of Glasgow)

Feb 14. 2023, 14:15 — 14:40

We usually represent a thermal or blackbody field as a mixed state in which each mode of the field is in a separate, maximum entropy mixed state represented by a density operator.  This is not always the most convenient, nor the most physically enlightening way, however.  In my presentation I shall describe (I hope) two very different approaches.  The first is based on a pure-state representation, the thermofields, originally designed for application in quantum field theory.  This is is especially useful when working with a field described by a continuum as opposed to discrete modes.  The second is one based on something closer to classical physics.

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ESI Boltzmann Lecture Hall
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Blackbody Radiation Induced Effects and Phenomena (Workshop)
Philipp Haslinger (TU Vienna)
Francesco Intravaia (HU Berlin)
Arkadiusz Kosior (U of Innsbruck)
Dennis R├Ątzel (ZARM, Bremen)