Thermal metasurfaces

Jean-Jacques Greffet (IOGS, U Paris-Saclay)

Feb 13. 2023, 09:45 — 10:30


Anne Nguyen, B. Vest, Jean-Jacques Greffet

Université Paris-Saclay, Institut d'Optique Graduate School, CNRS, Laboratoire Charles Fabry

Palaiseau, France



In this talk, we will review recent work aiming at designing metasurfaces in order to control thermal radiation in terms of directivity, emitted spectrum and polarization.

The first part of the talk will introduce the basic concepts of thermal radiation. We start with a fluctuational electrodynamics approach that enables to compute thermal radiation in the near field. We then discuss how spatial and temporal coherence of thermal radiation varies in the near field and how it can be tailored in the far field. We finally introduce a general absorption-coherence relation recently reported [1].

The second part of the talk will present a few examples of metasurfaces designed to generate directional and narrow band mid IR thermal sources. We will also report recent results dealing with fast modulation [2] and emission of circularly polarized thermal radiation [3].


  1. D. Tihon, S. Withington, E. Bailly, B. Vest, J.J. Greffet, “General relation between spatial coherence and absorption”, Optics Express vol. 29,  405484, 2021.
  2. L. Wojszwzyk, A. Nguyen, A.-L. Coutrot, C. Zhang, B. Vest, J.J. Greffet, “An incandescent metasurface for quasimonochromatic polarized mid-wave infrared emission modulated beyond 10 MHz”, Nat. Communications vol. 12, 1492, 2021.
  3. A. Nguyen, J.-P. Hugonin, A.-L. Coutrot, E. Garcia-Caurel, B. Vest, J.J. Greffet, “Large circular dichroism in the emission by an incandescent metasurface”,  submitted for publication.


Further Information
ESI Boltzmann Lecture Hall
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