Linearisation theorems for singular foliations

Leonid Ryvkin (U Göttingen)

Aug 26. 2022, 15:30 — 16:30

Any simply connected leaf of a regular foliation has an infinitesimal neighborhood which looks like a product of the leaf with a discrete space.  In this talk we will discuss the generalization of this result for singular foliations, i.e. locally finitely generated involutive submodules of the module of vector fields on a smooth manifold.

Based on joint work with Camille Laurent-Gengoux.

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ESI Boltzmann Lecture Hall
Associated Event:
Higher Structures and Field Theory (Thematic Programme)
Anton Alekseev (U Genève)
Stefan Fredenhagen (U of Vienna)
Nicolai Reshetikhin (UC, Berkeley)
Thomas Strobl (U Lyon)
Chenchang Zhu (U Göttingen)