On Koszul-Tate resolutions: an explicit construction using decorated trees

Aliaksandr Hancharuk (U Lyon)

Aug 12. 2022, 11:30 — 12:30

We provide an explicit free algebra resolution of a quotient ring R/I out of a free module resolution of R/I. Under the assumption of finiteness of the module resolution of R/I, the construction will be done in finitely many steps. This is a report on a joint work in progress with C. Laurent-Gengoux and T. Strobl.

Further Information
ESI Boltzmann Lecture Hall
Associated Event:
Higher Structures and Field Theory (Thematic Programme)
Anton Alekseev (U Genève)
Stefan Fredenhagen (U of Vienna)
Nicolai Reshetikhin (UC, Berkeley)
Thomas Strobl (U Lyon)
Chenchang Zhu (U Göttingen)