Ergodic theory and holomorphic dynamics

The theory of complex dynamics branches out in many directions, and makes connections with complex analysis, chaotic dynamics, symbolic languages, algebra and continuum theory. The main theme of this workshop will be the interactions of ergodic theory with complex dynamics, and special attention will be given to ergodic theory and transcendentaldynamics: as the knowledge about the dynamics of rational functions progresses, investigating transcendental functions are a natural next step.  For this class of maps, the measures of interest are frequently infinite, thus bordering the area of infinite ergodic theory, but all aspects on the crossing between complex dynamics and ergodic theory can be addressed. We hope that this workshop will be an excellent forum to present recent developments in the two fields.

Specific topics:
- Measure theoretical properties for rational maps.
- Transcendental maps and infinite measures.
- Thermodynamic methods for holomorphic maps.
- Multifractal analysis of Julia sets.

Workshop Schedule (pdf)

Introtalk of Kurt Falk (pdf)

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At a glance
Sept. 28, 2015 — Oct. 2, 2015