Nonlinear Waves and Relativity

The aim of the thematic programme is to present the state-of-the-art and to discuss future challenges in the areas of dispersive partial differential equations and mathematical relativity. In particular, we would like to stimulate interaction between these closely related but distinct fields.  General relativity is a classical but highly active area of research in mathematical physics with a long tradition in Vienna. The field of dispersive partial differential equations, on the other hand, is still relatively new but has become a cornerstone of modern analysis. Both areas have seen spectacular developments in the last 20 years. The overall goal of the program is to foster mutual stimulation and interaction in order to open new directions of research.

Within the programme there will take place two workshops:

Workshop 1, May 13 - 17, 2024
Workshop 2, June 17 - 21, 2024

Coming soon.

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Name Affiliation
Roland Donninger University of Vienna
David Fajman University of Vienna
Birgit Schörkhuber University of Innsbruck


Name Affiliation
Selim Amar Stanford University
Lars Andersson Beijing Institute of Mathematical Sciences and Applications (BIMSA),
Håkan Andréasson Chalmers University of Technology
Ovidiu-Neculai Avadanei University of California, Berkeley
Valeria Banica Sorbonne University
Louie Bernhardt University of Melbourne
Piotr Bizón Jagiellonian University
Adam Black Yale University
Allison Byars University of Wisconsin Madison
Gong Chen Georgia Institute of Technology
Charles Collot CY Cergy Paris University
Raphaël Côte Institut de Recherche Mathématique Avancée
Piero D'Ancona Sapienza – Università di Roma
Benjamin Dodson Johns Hopkins University
Thomas Duyckaerts University Paris-Nord
Patrick Gerard Université Paris-Saclay
Pierre Germain Imperial College London
Susana Gutierrez University of Birmingham
Susanna Haziot Brown University
Sebastian Herr Universität Bielefeld
James Hogan University of California, Los Angeles
Mihaela Ifrim University of Wisconsin-Madison
Alexandru Ionescu Princeton University
Oana Ivanovici CNRS
Jacek Jendrej CNRS
Istvan Kadar University of Cambridge
Christoph Kehle ETH Zürich
Christian Klein Université de Bourgogne
Herbert Koch Universität Bonn
Michal Kowalczyk Universidad de Chile
Matthew Kowalski University of California, Los Angeles
Joachim Krieger EPFL, Lausanne
Klaus Kröncke KTH Stockholm
Antoine Lardot Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau
Andrew Lawrie MIT
Kiyeon Lee Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology
Philippe G. LeFloch Sorbonne University
Enno Lenzmann University of Basel
Warren Li Princeton University
Hans Lindblad Johns Hopkins University
Ethan Lu Stanford University
Jonas Lührmann Texas A & M University
Jonathan Luk Stanford University
Cyril Malézé Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau
Michael McNulty Michigan State University
Vincent Moncrief Yale University
Matias Morales Universidad de Chile
Claudio Munoz Universidad de Chile
Kenji Nakanishi Kyoto University
Sung-Jin Oh University of California, Berkeley
Tadahiro Oh University of Edinburgh
Benoit Pausader Brown University
Didier Pilod University of Bergen
Hans Ringström KTH Stockholm
Volker Schlue University of Melbourne
Tobias Schmid EPFL, Lausanne
Sohrab Shahshahani University of Massachusetts Amherst
Jacques Smulevici Sorbonne University
Avy Soffer Rutgers University
Martin Spitz Bielefeld University
Jérémie Szeftel Sorbonne University
Mónica Tapia del Moral University of Cambridge
Daniel Tataru University of California, Berkeley
Jessica Trespalacios Universidad de Chile
Andras Vasy Stanford University
Luis Vega Basque Center for Applied Mathematics
Monica Visan University of California, Los Angeles
David Wallauch-Hajdin University of Vienna
Klaus Widmayer University of Zurich
Michał Wrochna Utrecht University
Bowen Zhao Beijing Institute of Mathematical Sciences and Applications (BIMSA),
At a glance
Thematic Programme
April 29, 2024 — June 21, 2024
ESI Boltzmann Lecture Hall
Roland Donninger (U of Vienna)
David Fajman (U of Vienna)
Birgit Schörkhuber (U of Innsbruck)