Topological two frequency conversion in doubly driven Weyl semimetal

Gil Refael (Caltech, Pasadena)

Dec 02. 2021, 16:40 — 17:15

A doubly driven spin could give rise to topological energy pumping between the two drives. We investigate a Weyl semimetal irradiated by two electromagnetic modes with distinct frequencies. Under suitable driving, each electron near the Weyl node transfers energy from one mode to the other at a universal rate of Planck’s constant multiplied by the product of the frequencies of the modes. Due to the macroscopic number of electrons involved,the power of conversion can be very large (of order MW/cm^3). This effect may be used for optical amplification, and terahertz (THz) generation. I will discuss the calculation and the (yet to be fulfilled) requirements for such a topological amplifier. 

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Associated Event:
Topology, Disorder, and Hydrodynamics in Non-equilibrium Quantum Matter (Online Workshop)
Jörg Schmiedmayer (TU Vienna)
Maksym Serbyn (ISTA, Klosterneuburg)
Romain Vasseur (UMass Amherst)