Combined STM/AFM: Watching polarons at the atomic level

Martin Setvin (TU Vienna)

Dec 12. 2019, 14:00 — 14:40

Scanning probe microscopies represent a unique tool for understanding materials electronic properties. Combined scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) and noncontact atomic force microscopy (nc-AFM) [1] has recently turned out to be a powerful tool in many aspects; notably achieving superior spatial resolution [2], controlling the charge state of single atoms [3], or enhanced chemical resolution of surface atoms [4]. Different approaches to polaron characterization by STM/AFM will be discussed: Analysis of energy levels by scanning tunneling spectroscopy and understanding the spatial information obtained from STM images will be reviewed. A special attention will be paid to the possibility of using nc-AFM for direct measurement of electrostatic forces of localized small electron polarons and using this technique for understanding polaron dynamics. Data obtained on various materials will be compared, mainly rutie and anatase TiO2 and hematite Fe2O3. [1] F. J. Giessibl., Rev. Sci. Instr. 2019, 90, 011101 [2] Gross, L.; Mohn, F.; Moll, N.; Liljeroth, P.; Meyer, G., Science 2009, 325, 1110 [3] Gross, L.; Mohn, F.; Liljeroth, P.; Repp, J.; Giessibl, F. J.; Meyer, G., Science 2009, 324, 1428 [4] Sugimoto, Y.; Pou, P.; Abe, M.; Jelinek, P.; Perez, R.; Morita, S.; Custance, O., Nature 2007, 446, 64

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ESI Boltzmann Lecture Hall
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Polarons in the 21st Century (Workshop)
Jozef Devreese (U Antwerpen)
Cesare Franchini (U of Vienna)
Georg Kresse (U of Vienna)
Jacques Tempere (U Antwerpen)