Active Matter: from 2D to 3D

Julia Yeomans (U Oxford)

Jun 24. 2021, 14:00 — 14:30

During biofilm formation bacterial colonies change from 2D layers to 3D structures, and during gastrulation 2D layers of epithelial cells fold as an initial step to creating 3D tissues. I will discuss recent results that suggest that the ideas of active matter might be useful in helping to understand these changes of shape.

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ESI Boltzmann Lecture Hall
Associated Event:
Memory Effects in Dynamical Processes: Theory and Computational Implementation (Online Workshop)
Christoph Dellago (U Vienna)
Anja Kuhnhold (U of Freiburg)
Hugues Meyer (U of Saarland)
Tanja Schilling (U of Freiburg)