The 2N+1 body problem: An impurity immersed in a strongly correlated fermionic superfluid

Frédéric Chevy (ENS Paris)

Dec 12. 2019, 11:00 — 11:40

In my talk I will discuss some properties of an impurity immersed in a fermionic superfluid, a problem that generalizes both the Fermi and Bose-polaron models that were recently studied using ultracold atom platforms. I will present experimental and theoretical results on the energy of the impurity and I will highlight the role of three-body physics in the phase diagram of the system.

Further Information
ESI Boltzmann Lecture Hall
Associated Event:
Polarons in the 21st Century (Workshop)
Jozef Devreese (U Antwerpen)
Cesare Franchini (U of Vienna)
Georg Kresse (U of Vienna)
Jacques Tempere (U Antwerpen)