On Multilevel Best Linear Unbiased Estimators

Elisabeth Ullmann (TU Munich)

May 04. 2020, 16:45 — 17:25

We discuss novel multilevel best linear unbiased estimators (BLUEs) introduced in [4]. The goal is the estimation of the expectation of a scalar-valued quantity of interest associated with a family of model evaluations. The key idea of the multilevel BLUEs is to reformulate
the estimation as a generalized linear regression problem. By construction, BLUEs are variance minimal within the class of linear unbiased estimators. By solving a sample allocation problem we further construct a variance minimal, linear, and unbiased estimator for a given computational budget. We compare our proposed estimator to other multilevel estimators such as multilevel Monte Carlo [1], multifidelity Monte Carlo [3], and approximate control variates [2]. In addition, we show that our estimator approaches a sharp lower bound that holds for any linear unbiased multilevel estimator in the infinite low-fidelity data limit. Finally, we specialize the results in [4] to PDE-based models which are parameterized by a discretization quantity, e.g. the finite element mesh size. We prove that in this case the complexity of the BLUE is not worse than the complexity of multilevel Monte Carlo [5]. In practise, we observe a complexity reduction for selected random elliptic PDE problems.

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Multilevel and multifidelity sampling methods in UQ for PDEs (Online Workshop)
Kody Law (U Manchester)
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