Catlin's global regularity - a new proof and generalizations.

Dmitri Zaitsev (Trinity College, Dublin)

Nov 22. 2023, 11:30 — 12:30

The celebrated result of Catlin on global regularity of the $\bar\partial$-Neumann operator for pseudoconvex domains of finite type links local algebraic- and analytic geometric invariants through potential theory with estimates for $\bar\partial$-equation. Yet despite their importance, there seems to be a major lack of understanding of Catlin's techniques, resulting in a notable absence of an alternative proof, exposition or simplification.
The goal of my talk will be to present an alternative proof based on a new notion of a ``tower multi-type''. The finiteness of the tower multi-type is an intrinsic geometric condition that is more general than the finiteness of the regular type, which in turn is more general than the finite type. Under that condition, we obtain a ``stratification'' of the boundary into countably many level sets of the tower multi-type, each covered locally by strongly pseudoconvex submanifolds of the boundary. The existence of such stratification implies Catlin's celebrated potential-theoretic ``Property (P)'', which, in turn, is known to imply global regularity via compactness estimate. Notable applications of global regularity include Condition R by Bell and Ligocka and its applications to boundary smoothness of proper holomorphic maps generalizing a celebrated theorem by Fefferman.

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ESI Boltzmann Lecture Hall
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Analysis and Geometry in Several Complex Variables (Workshop)
Peter Ebenfelt (UC San Diego)
Purvi Gupta (IIS Bengalore)
Bernhard Lamel (U of Vienna)
Nordine Mir (Texas A&M U at Qatar)