The Research in Teams Programme

The ESI Research in Teams Programme offers support for research teams to carry out collaborative work on specific projects at the ESI in Vienna for periods of one to four months. Projects from all areas of mathematics and physics may be supported.

A research team includes at least two and at most four researchers, where at least half of the team consists of external researchers who are not affiliated with the University of Vienna. At least one team member must be affiliated with the University of Vienna. Usually only external team members are eligible for support from the ESI.

The proposal (up to 3 pages) should include a detailed description of the project and the goals of the collaboration, and a suggestion of the calendar time period of stay at the ESI. Additionally CVs and publication lists of the team members should be submitted with the proposal. It is recommended that several options for time periods and names for potential referees be provided.

Local expenses in Vienna will be financed by the Erwin Schrödinger Institute, for the period of the stay, with 80 Euros per night per team member from abroad. Travel to and from Vienna is not reimbursed.

Proposals should be submitted in PDF-format to The deadline for proposal submission for ESI Research in Teams is May 30, in the year preceding the proposed stay.