Higher structures in string theory and quantum field theory

String theory over the years has provided a plethora of physical predictions in various branches of mathematics, most notably in geometry. This has been and continues to be a source of fruitful exchange, inspiration and interaction between physicists and mathematicians. The focus of the programme is in using recent developing ideas from string theory and quantum field theory, in particular T-duality, non-geometry and M-brane models, with the aim of understanding their constructions in terms of higher geometric structures, topological field theories, and Kasparov theory. This very exciting field involves many different branches of mathematics: Topology, differential geometry, category theory and noncommutative geometry. Compared to other areas of string theory and quantum field theory, notably AdS/CFT and field theory amplitudes, the attention and impact of homotopical and higher structures in the mathematics of string theory has received considerably less attention. This programme will assemble groups of prominent string theorists and mathematicians in the pertinent areas for a concentrated period of research activity.

The activities of the programme will feature a two week instructional workshop including introductory lectures to the main themes of the programme, two focused workshops on specialised topics, and a "Schrödinger Lecture" by a distinguished speaker.


Workshop I: Instructional workshop for students and junior researchers.

Workshop II: Main Workshop

Workshop III: Mini Workshop on KK-theory, twists and applications.

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Thematic Programme
Nov. 16, 2015 — Dec. 18, 2015