Victoria Sánchez Muñoz (U of Galway): The Bell- like inequalities for interference into quantum games


Traditionally quantum entanglement is identified as a critical resource behind quantum advantage in many tasks. Yet, quantum interference is also a key feature of quantum mechanics, as demonstrated in the well-known double-slit experiment. Only now quantum interference has been studied for better-than-classical information processing. Recent works have proposed protocols that are solely based on quantum interference of single particles (no entanglement involved); for instance, a protocol for a “two-way communication with a single quantum particle”, and quantum “interference as an information-theoretic game”.


This project is framed within a larger project led by Assoz. Prof. Mag. Dr. Borivoje Dakić which aims at formulating quantum interference as a device-independent (or “black-box”) information process, which will open the path for novel applications in quantum information. Dakić and his group have found Bell-like inequalities for interference phenomena, which is a midpoint to the full device-independent formulation. Based on my own expertise in quantum games, my project is to translate the Bell-like inequalities for interference into quantum games, which, in turn, will be translated into information-processing tasks.

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Name Affiliation
Victoria Sánchez Muñoz University of Galway
At a glance
Junior Research Fellow
May 1, 2024 — June 30, 2024
Erwin Schrödinger Institute