Research in Teams Project: Limit Theorems for Parabolic Dynamical Systems

Research Project: In this project,  flows on manifolds that are very weakly hyperbolic or not hyperbolic at all are the central topic. Examples are horocycle flows on surfaces of negative curvature and polygonal billiards such as Ehrenfest's wind-tree model. We are interested in whether various stochastic (spatial and temporal) limit laws hold or fail, and in the corresponding scaling sequences (and diffusion rates, if applicable).

Research Team: Henk Bruin (U of Vienna), Charles Fougeron (IRIF, Paris), Davide Ravotti (U of Vienna), Dalia Terhesiu (U of Leiden)

First stay: 10th to 21th April 2023
Second stay: 5th to 16th June 2023

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Name Affiliation
Henk Bruin University of Vienna
Charles Fougeron CNRS
Davide Ravotti University of Vienna
Dalia Terhesiu Leiden University
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Research in Teams
June 5, 2023 — June 16, 2023
Erwin Schrödinger Institute