Soft matter under confinement: structural and dynamical properties

Physical confinement of complex fluids in small pores, films, or tubes is known to induce significant changes in their structural and dynamical properties and phase behaviour. As such, the detailed microscopic understanding of this phenomenon is of great importance both scientifically and technologically. To date, substantial progress has been made, both experimentally and theoretically, towards the understanding of the behaviour of hard-sphere-like fluids under confinement, while confined systems comprised of soft particles have received substantially less attention. At the same time, the latter systems play an important role both in biological context and in industrial and technological applications. Thus, it would be desirable to develop a statistical mechanical approach to study the effect of confinement on their thermodynamic (e.g. phase diagram), structural (e.g. inhomogeneous density profiles) and dynamical (e.g. diffusion coefficients) properties.

Research Team:

Sergei A. Egorov (U of Virginia) and Christos N. Likos (U of Vienna)

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April 1, 2016 — May 31, 2016