IPhO and EuPhO Training 2022

This year for the first time the training for students of the Physics Olympiad will take place at ESI. We thank you very much for the invitation. Parallel to our course, the one from mathematics will take place. Thus, we hope that all students will be provided the opportunity to network. The aim of the training is to prepare the young people in the best possible way for the international competitions IPhO and EuPhO. Many thanks also to two former participants who have agreed to share their experience!

Coming soon.


Name Affiliation
Marianne Korner University of Vienna
Stefan Lorbek Herta-Reich Gymnasium


Name Affiliation
Taylan Algan BGRG Schwechat
Maximilian Auer BGRG 4, Wiedner Gymnasium
Stefan Fredenhagen University of Vienna
Lukas Gabriel Albertus Magnus Gymnasium Wien
Lucas Hörl Technical University of Vienna
Elias Koschier ERG Donaustadt
Pascal Lun BRG Wörgl
Simon Marcher HTBLA Kaindorf
Anja Piecuch WRG/ORG Wels
Benjamin Tonner BGRG Zell/See
Vincent Willis BRG-Ibk-APP
Haolei Zhang BG/BRG Villach St. Martin
At a glance
June 27, 2022 — July 1, 2022
ESI Schrödinger Lecture Hall
Marianne Korner (U of Vienna)
Stefan Lorbek (BRG Mürzzuschlag)