Research in Teams Project: Two-Layer Periodic Water Waves

Research in Teams project: This collaborative project is concerned with the derivation of new exact solutions to the governing equations of geophysical fluid dynamics for an inviscid and incompressible free surface azimuthal flow with a discontinuous density stratification (which varies with both depth and latitude). We include in the governing equations forcing terms that are of paramount importance in the modeling of realistic oceanic flows. The discontinuous density triggers the appearance of an interface that plays the role of an internal wave. By working in spherical coordinates, we will not need to invoke approximations by way of simplifying the geometry in the governing equations. Furthermore, our solutions will possess an arbitrary, depth-dependent velocity profile beneath the surface. Resorting to functional analytic techniques we will investigate the possible relations between the pressure at the free surface and the shape of the free surface distortion.

Research Team: Jinfeng Chu (Shanghai Normal U, China), Calin Martin (U Vienna), Kateryna Marynets (Technical University Delft)

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Name Affiliation
Jifeng Chu Shanghai Normal U
Calin Martin University of Vienna
Kateryna Marynets Technical University Delft
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Research in Teams
Oct. 1, 2022 — Oct. 31, 2022
Erwin Schrödinger Institute