Research in Teams Project: Amplitude Evolution II: Cracking Down on Colour Bases

Research Project:
Amplitude evolution is a new paradigm to design and analyze parton branching algorithms, and used in its own right to set up parton branching algorithms which perform the evolution at the level of a fundamental density operator. Building on our previous expertise we will address questions related to how SU(N) colour structures are encoded and used in the evolution.

Research Team:
Judith Alcock-Zeilinger (U Tübingen), Malin Sjödahl (Lund U), Stefan Keppeler (U Tübingen), Simon Plätzer (U Vienna)

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Name Affiliation
Simon Plätzer University of Graz


Name Affiliation
Stefan Keppeler University of Tübingen
Malin Sjödahl Lund University
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Research in Teams
Sept. 13, 2021 — Sept. 24, 2021
Erwin Schrödinger Institute
Simon Plätzer (U of Graz)