ESI/CECAM-Workshop: Water at Interfaces: From Proteins to Devices

Schedule (pdf) Due to the importance of water in many fields of science including physics, biology, medicine, water treatment, atmospheric science, and engineering, there is growing interest towards the behaviour of water at interfaces. This field of study has been strongly emphasized in recent publications but, contrary to bulk water, it was subject to only few meetings. The goal of this workshop is to gather leading scientists, from  a wide spectrum of disciplines ranging from biophysics to material sciences, working on modeling and experimental aspects of water at interfaces and at different length scales. We believe that the state of the art in water modeling is mature to address important applications in the fields aforementioned, hence the timeliness of this meeting is optimal and the location ideal with many local groups working on related problems. The meeting will bring together theoretists and experimentalists, who are interested and willing to discuss different approaches and issues to make an advance in this relevant field. The long term goal of this workshop is to catalyze interdisciplinary collaborations that integrate our knowledge on different length scales and coarse-grained modeling to address the study of large bio-molecular/polymeric systems and of the design of new functionalized materials. The key points of the workshop are:

1) Importance of water behavior (dynamical properties) close to inorganic interfaces, with emphasis on the properties of recent filtration membranes applied in water desalination and sanitation.

2) Accurate description of the solvation of bio-molecules. In particular, during the workshop the current problems and future perspectives of water models on both equilibrium and dynamical properties of proteins will be discussed.

3) Current computational and conceptual challenges related to the ice nucleation and ice inhibition materials, important in fields like cryo-preservation of tissues and frozen food storage, among which proteins play an important role that we will by highlighted in the workshop.

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At a glance
Nov. 29, 2016 — Dec. 2, 2016
Valentino Bianco (U of Vienna)
Ivan Coluzza (U of Vienna)
Christoph Dellago (U of Vienna)