Research in Teams Project: From micro-to-macro: testing scale-independent, dynamics-independent laws - cancelled

Postponed to 2022 due to Covid-19

Cancelled due to COVID-19

Research Project:

Our understanding of the laws of physics faces various challenges: We do not perceive quantum superpositions in the macroscopic world and quantum theory may have to be modified at a certain scale or interplay with gravity theory. Similarly, thermodynamic laws appear to be irreversible on the macroscopic scale while the dynamical laws are time-reversible on the microscopic scale. Quantum metrology and quantum information technologies are now at the threshold of investigating domains where these incompatibilities are most acute. It has become possible to prepare quantum coherence for objects of increasing mass and complexity and to explore the domain of single-particle heat engines.

Quantum Hybrid Systems
‘Hybrid systems’, are operated between the microscopic and macroscopic. The aim of this research-in-teams programme is to identify new approaches to tackle such systems, theoretically and experimentally, to find general, scale-independent principles and to design experimental demonstrations. 

Quantum at the interface to Gravity
Mesoscopic masses superposed across different locations, interacting with the gravitational field have recently been revisited. Here, we will work on theoretical concepts and perform feasibility studies to prepare proof-of-principle experimental tests. We will explore the theory of witnesses of non-classicality, the quantum equivalence principle and the importance of quantum superpositions and mode-entanglement.

Quantum at the Interface to Complexity            
Hybrid systems also comprise quantum aspects of complex biological systems. We will study methods to simulate quantum coherent behavior in these systems. A growing body of evidence suggests that large biomolecules can maintain long-lived quantum coherence and that spin physics or tunneling effects are relevant for life. We will discuss theoretical tools and experiments to shine light on this interface between quantum physics and the molecular basis of life.

Research Team:  Chiara Marletto (Wolfson College, U of Oxford), Vlatko Vedral (Wolfson College, U of Oxford), Markus Arndt ( U of Vienna), Caslav Brukner (U of Vienna)

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Oct. 1, 2021 — Dec. 21, 2021
Erwin Schrödinger Institute