DARK MATTER: From Theory to Detection

This school will take place as an online event.

An ISAPP school on theories and laboratory tests of dark matter

This astroparticle physics graduate school will cover important and timely topics that are connected to the Dark Matter problem, taught by internationally renowned experts. A primary focus of the school will be on the direct detection of dark matter (DM) in rare-event searches. The theoretical background, observational motivation, and experimental avenues to observe dark matter signatures in the laboratory will be covered. Lectures will be complemented with hands-on sessions and student projects. The duration of the school is 10 days.

Further information is found on the separate webpage provided.

Poster of the School (pdf)

Coming soon.

  • Iftikhar Ahmad (AstroCeNT)
  • Sid El Moctar Ahmed Maouloud (Sorbonne U, Paris)
  • Emanuele Angelino (U Torino)
  • Markus Arndt (U Vienna) — Organizer
  • Julian Bollig (U of Freiburg)
  • Aridai Bordón (None)
  • Alexis Boudon (IPhT Saclay)
  • Emanuela Celi (Gran Sasso Science Institute, L'Aquila)
  • Ting Cheng (MPI für Kernphysik)
  • Mar Ciscar (TU Munich)
  • Sukeerthi Dharani (U Hamburg)
  • Jules Gascon (IPNL)
  • Michal Iglicki (U Warsaw)
  • Aliaksei Kachanovich (KIT, Karlsruhe)
  • Melih Kara (KIT, Karlsruhe)
  • Margarita Kaznacheeva (TU Munich)
  • Moritz Kellermann (MPP, Munich)
  • Simon Knapen (CERN, Geneva)
  • Pawel Kozow (U Warsaw)
  • Agustin Lantero Barreda (UC)
  • Peter Matak (Comenius U, Bratislava)
  • Krzysztof Mekala (U Warsaw)
  • Julia Müller (U of Freiburg)
  • Georgios Papadopoulos (CNRS, Paris)
  • Ricardo Peres (U Zürich)
  • Josef Pradler (HEPHY Vienna) — Organizer
  • Massimiliano Procura (U Vienna) — Organizer
  • Francesca Pucci (MPP, Munich)
  • Anastasia Sokolenko (HEPHY Vienna) — Organizer
  • Samuele Torelli (Gran Sasso Science Institute, L'Aquila)
  • Einar Urdshals (CUT, Gothenburg)
  • Tien-Tien Yu (U of Oregon, Eugene)
  • Paules Zakhary (AstroCeNT)
At a glance
Online Workshop
July 7, 2021 — July 16, 2021
Erwin Schrödinger Institute - virtual
Markus Arndt (U Vienna)
Josef Pradler (HEPHY Vienna)
Massimiliano Procura (U Vienna)
Florian Reindl (HEPHY and TU Vienna)
Jochen Schieck (OEAW, Vienna)
Anastasia Sokolenko (HEPHY Vienna)