Research in Teams Project: Time-Frequency Analysis of Random Point Processes

Research Project:
The goal of the team is to explore connections between time-frequency analysis and random point processes, and to derive new results in both fields. While many important point processes rely implicity on the theory of analytic functions, time-frequency methods may lead to a much broader theory, valid in non-analytic settings. Potential applications in other fields of research will also be explored.

Research Team:
Yacin Ameur (Lund U), Naomi Feldheim (Bar Ilan U), Antti Haimi (Acoustics Research Institute, Vienna), Günther Koliander (Acoustics Research Institute, Vienna), José Luis Romero (U of Vienna)

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  • Christoph Dellago (U Vienna) — Organizer
  • Naomi Feldheim (Bar Ilan U)
At a glance
Research in Teams
Jan. 10, 2020 -- Aug. 2, 2020
Erwin Schrödinger Institute
Christoph Dellago (U Vienna)