Challenges and Concepts for Field Theory and Applications in the Era of LHC Run-2

The increasing demand in precision of theoretical predictions in one of the characteristics of the era of Run-2 at the LHC. In this context improvements in the understanding of the strong interactions play a special role since they are important for all measurements that can be carried out, regardless whether they are dealing with New Physics effects or Standard Model dynamics. Frequently, new achievements in a number of different areas are required to get most out of the possible measurements. This poses new challenges for already existing methods and computations or concerning the development of novel approaches, covering topics such as Monte-Carlo event generators, the calculation of short-distance amplitudes at higher order, the understanding of singular regions and non-perturbative effects, the effects of finite particle masses, as well as jets, multi-parton interactions or the structure of QCD predictions in the context of jet algorithms or studies of jet substructure.

The intention of the workshop is to have an interactive meeting with physicists having a strong theoretical interests in both conceptual and phenomenological aspects of high-energy QCD and jets. Each participant will be provided an office space and there will be only a few talks that are intended to generate discussion given by selected participants during each week. The emphasis is on having informal discussions with other participants and on getting some stimulating work done by getting together. 

The focus topics and their associated themes are the following:

  • Massive Quarks and Jets
  • Scattering Amplitudes: from Mathematics to Phenomenology
  • Precision Theory for Unraveling the Identity of the Higgs Boson
  • Precision QCD in Singular Regions
  • Multiple Parton Interactions, Underlying Event, and Monte Carlo Generators
  • Exploring New Frontiers with Jet Substructure

Participation is by invitation only.

Week 1, July 18 - 21, 2016: Schedule (pdf)

Week 2, July 25 - 29, 2016: Schedule (pdf)

Week 3, August 1 - 5, 2016: Schedule (pdf)

Week 4, August 8 - 12, 2016: Schedule (pdf)

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Thematic Programme
July 18, 2016 — Aug. 12, 2016
André H. Hoang (U of Vienna)
Francis Petriello (TU Vienna)
Iain Stewart (MIT, Cambridge)