Research in Teams Project: Underlying Flow Induced by Internal Water Waves

Research Project:

The aim of this research-in-teams project is to investigate the underlying fluid motion induced by internal water waves, coupled with surface waves, in the irrotational setting. Internal water waves are extremely interesting from the viewpoints of both mathematics and physics. They typically arise where there is a jump in density between two  fluid layers, which occurs in the oceanographical context due to variations in temperature, salinity, or others fluctuations in the equations of state. Internal waves play a major role in the description of the dynamics of the oceans, and the proposed project aims to use a variety of mathematical approaches to describe and elucidate the motion of the entire fluid body, and in particular the particle trajectories, for these highly complex flows.

Research Team: David Henry (U College Cork), Gabriele Villari (U of Florence)

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Name Affiliation
David Henry University College Cork
Gabriele Villari University of Florence
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Research in Teams
June 1, 2019 — July 31, 2019
Erwin Schrödinger Institute