Zahra Ahmadian Dehaghani (Sharif U of Technology, Teheran): Nonequilibrium Dynamics of Knotted Polymers in Elongational Flow

Research Project:

Knot is one of most popular topology of polymers. It appears in a wide variety of systems ranging from microscopic system like DNA to macroscopic one like shoelace. Using knots in micro- and nano-fluidic devices is led to study them at non-equilibrium conditions. Shear flow is able to untie knots and tie them again. It also leads to complicated modes of motion for knotted polymers and delocalize them under extension. Interplay between knot and elongatonal flow also changes properties of knotted polymers.

 The main aim of this project is to simulate a knotted linear polymer in elongational flow. To model a knotted linear polymer, we consider it as a linear sequence of N beads connected by bonds. To included hydrodynamic interactions, we use Multi-Particle Collision Dynamics (MPCD) simulations. In this project, we will study how elongational flow changes localization, orientation and position of knot in polymer.

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Name Affiliation
Zahra Ahmadian Dehaghani Sharif University of Technology Tehran
At a glance
Junior Research Fellow
Jan. 1, 2019 — April 30, 2019