Concepts of Probability in the Sciences

This symposium is dedicated to the many facets of the probability concept in the sciences. Experts from various disciplines will give lectures aimed at researchers and students, in particular in physics, mathematics and the life sciences, interested in foundational issues and applications of probability.


Alexia Auffèves (Grenoble) [Slides]
Jean Bricmont (Louvain) [Slides]
Caslav Brukner (Vienna) [Slides]
Erik Curiel (Munich) [Slides]
Gerhard Hummer (Frankfurt) [Slides]
Elliott H. Lieb (Princeton) [Slides]
Udo Seifert (Stuttgart) [Slides]
Rüdiger Schack (London) [Slides]
Peter Schuster (Vienna) [Slides]
Stefan Thurner (Vienna) 
Jos Uffink (Minnesota) [Slides]
Sylvia Wenmackers (Leuven) [Slides]
Charlotte Werndl (Salzburg)
Sandy L. Zabell (Northwestern) [Slides]

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Oct. 29, 2018 — Oct. 30, 2018