Francis Filbet (Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse III & Institut Universitaire de France): Introduction to Kinetic Theory: The Boltzmann Equation

Advanced Graduate Lecture Course:

Lecture Course (442504 VO):  July 30 to August 3, 2018
Time: 9:30 - 11:00 and 11:45 - 12:30 each
Start: July 30, 2018
Further Dates: July 31, August 1 - 3, 2018

In this lectures we will focus on the Boltzmann equation for rarefied gas dynamics. After a short introduction of the physical background we will review some basic tools in analysis to study the existence of solution for the homogeneous Boltzmann equation. Then, some numerical approximation based on spectral methods will be presented and a rigorous convergence study will be performed.

Taking place in the course of the thematic programme "Numerical Analysis of Complex PDE Models in the Sciences", Link

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July 30, 2018 — Aug. 3, 2018