Zahra Mirzaiyan (Isfahan U of Technology): Soft Hair on Black Holes in Four Dimensional Space-Times

Research Project:

‎The notion of "Soft hair"‎ ‎refers to zero energy excitations of black holes‎. Recently a research group realized the soft hair proposal in a rather specific and precise way from a near horizon perspective‎. Obtained results concerning "soft hair" so far almost exclusively refer to three spacetime dimensions‎. ‎However‎, ‎this implementation so far was done solely for black holes and cosmological spacetimes in three spacetime dimensions‎. I plan to deepen the idea and extend the discussion of near horizon soft hair to four and higher spacetime dimensions‎. Also I plan to investigate black hole entropy formula more with new viewpoints related to soft hair idea. Investigating the topic more may help to solve the famous information paradox of black holes.

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Junior Research Fellow
July 1, 2018 — Oct. 31, 2018