YRSIW2019 A modern Primer for 2D CFT

Scope of the school

The Young Researchers Integrability School and Workshop (YRISW) is an ongoing series of meetings devoted to review the latest advances in exact techniques in theoretical physics, at the frontier with mathematics. Past editions have focused on exact results in certain two-dimensional quantum field theories and in string theory which can be tackled with the toolbox of integrable models. The aim of the current school is the investigation of two dimensional conformal field theories, i.e. of quantum field theories that possess conformal invariance at the quantum level. This is a central topic in theoretical physics, from high-energy to condensed-matter physics, and it has deep connections with mathematics.

The YRISW spirit

This is the fourth in a series of meetings, which are characterised by an underlying idea: a meeting for young researchers, designed by young researchers. The topics will be presented in a pedagogical way, combining long blackboard lectures and tutorial, in such a way as to be accessible to PhD students in theoretical physics as well as to exceptional MSc students. All courses are part of a coherent narrative, in such a way to provide a comprehensive overview of the latest advances in two-dimensional conformal field theory.

Location: Faculty of Physics and ESI,  Lise-Meitner Lecture Hall, Strudlhofgasse 4, 1090 Wien, 1st floor

Schedule (pdf)

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Name Affiliation
Andrea Campoleoni University of Mons
Stefan Fredenhagen University of Vienna
Elli Pomoni DESY Hamburg
Alessandro Sfondrini ETH Zürich


Name Affiliation
Theresa Abl Durham University
Nezhla Aghaei University of Bern
Robert Allen Cardiff University
Joao Alves da Silva EPFL, Lausanne
Prokopii Anempodistov National Researching Nuclear University
Antonio Antunes University of Porto
Constantin Babenko Sorbonne University
Marco Baggio Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Vladimir Bashmakov University Milano-Bicocca
Sergio Benvenuti SISSA
Diego Berdeja Suarez University of Oxford
Nathanaël Berestycki University of Vienna
Leo Bidussi University of Edinburgh
Roland Bittleston University of Cambridge
Riccardo Borsato Santiago de Compostela University
Jorrit Bosma ETH Zürich
Matteo Broccoli Max-Plack-Institut für Gravitationsphysik
Andrea Cavaglia King's College London
Adam Chalabi University of Southampton
A. Ramesh Chandra IISER Pune
Yifan Chen Sorbonne University
Pawel Ciosmak University of Warsaw
Riccardo Conti University of Torino
Thomas Creutzig University of Alberta
Ariunzul Davgadorj Masaryk University
Hadewijch De Clercq Ghent University
David De Filippi University of Mons
Andrea Dei ETH Zürich
Saskia Demulder Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Pranav Diwakar Birla Institute of Technology and Science
John Donahue New York University
Patrick Dorey Durham University
Egor Dotsenko Steklov Institute of Science and Technology
Lorenz Eberhardt ETH Zürich
Harold Erbin Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich
David Erkinger University of Vienna
Kara Farnsworth University of Prague
Gwenaël Ferrando Ecole Normale Supérieur Paris
Marc-Antoine Fiset University of Oxford
Aleix Gimenez Grau DESY Hamburg
Tamas Gombor WIGNER RCP
Lucia Gomez Cordova University of Toronto
Yegor Goncharov University of Mons
Linnea Grans Samuelsson IPhT Saclay
Sean Gray University of Jena
Andrei Grekov SKOLTECH Moscow
Aliaksandr Hancharuk Institute Camille Jordan
Dennis Hansen ETH Zürich
Koichi Harada University of Tokyo
Carlo Heissenberg Scuola Normale Superiore
Konstantin Hobuss Leibniz University
Ondrej Hulik CEICO Prague
Filipp Isaenko National Research University
Nina Javerzat Université Paris Sud
Filip Jurukovic Santiago de Compostela University
Ekin Kaan University of Vienna
Jaswin Kasi International Centre for Theoretical Sciences
Dimitiros Katsinis University of Athens
Clemens Kerschbaumer University of Vienna
Surbhi Khetrapal Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Aravinth Kulanthaivelu University of Oxford
Ajinkya Kulkami University of Bourgogne
Zoltan Balazs Laczko Queen Mary University of London
Marton Kalman Lajer WIGNER RCP
Ji Hoon Lee Perimeter Institute
Nat Levine Imperial College London
Christopher Lewis-Brown Queen Mary University of London
Jonas Linzen Ruhr-Universität Bochum
Renann Lipinski Jusinskas Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences
Rebecca Lodin Uppsala University
Laurens Lootens Ghent University
Yongchao Lu Uppsala University
Konrad Martinek University of Vienna
Takyua Matsumoto Nagoya University
Sean McBride University of California
Julian Miczajka Albert Einstein Institut
Alexandre Minets Institute of Science and Technology Austria
Viktor Mishniakov Moscow State University
Karapet Mkrtchyan Max-Plack-Institut für Gravitationsphysik
Fabrizio Nieri DESY Hamburg
Juan Miguel Nieto Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Rongvoram Nivesvivat University of Bonn
Christian Northe University of Würzburg
Yusuke Ohkubo University of Tokyo
Michel Pannier University of Jena
George Pappas University of Athens
Mikhal Pavlov Lebedev Physical Institute
Giacomo Piccinini Swansea University
Alessandro Pini DESY Hamburg
Davide Polvara Durham University
Antons Pribitoks Trinity College
Stefan Prohazka Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Lorenzo Quintavalle DESY Hamburg
Sylvain Ribault IPhT Saclay
Roberto Ruiz Gil Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Paul Ryan Trinity College
Matteo Sacchi University Milano-Bicocca
Samuel Sanchez Lopez University of Amsterdam
Daniel Scherl University of Vienna
Lukas Schneiderbauer University of Reykjavik
Fiona Seibold ETH Zürich
Yuta Sekiguchi University of Bern
Nika Sokolova University of St. Petersburg
Anne Spiering Trinity College
Andrei Spiridonov Moscow State University
Florian Steininger University of Vienna
Vishnu Templeview Ravi Chennai Mathematical Institute
Robijn Vanhove Ghent University
Orestis Vasilakis CEICO Prague
Edoardo Vescovi Imperial College London
Matthias Volk Niels Bohr Institute
Daniel Westerfeld University of Hannover
Freek Witteveen University of Amsterdam
Alexander Yan Lomonosov Moscow State University
Egor Zenkevich University Milano-Bicocca
Hongbao Zhang Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Deliang Zhong Ecole Normale Supérieur Paris
At a glance
Graduate School
Feb. 11, 2019 — Feb. 15, 2019
Faculty of Physics
Andrea Campoleoni (U Mons)
Stefan Fredenhagen (U of Vienna)
Elli Pomoni (DESY Hamburg)
Alessandro Sfondrini (ETH Zürich)