Andreas Zöttl (ESPCI Paris): Coarse-grained hydrodynamic simulations of driven colloids in macromolecular polymer solutions

Research project:

Understanding the motion of nano- and microparticles through complex fluids is of great importance both for colloid science and for biological transport phenomena such as protein or drug transport through biological fluids and gels. Since theoretical methods typically neglect important details of the fluid structure, we will perform coarse-grained hydrodynamic simulations of driven colloidal spheres moving in explicitly modeled macromolecular polymer solutions for a broad range of parameters. We will explore the depletion layer around the colloid which may be nonuniform due to the biased transport, and the consequences for particle transport in biologically relevant fluids.

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At a glance
Junior Research Fellow
Sept. 1, 2018 — Dec. 31, 2018