Research in Teams Project: Hamiltonian approach to modelling geophysical waves and currents with impact on natural hazards

This research project is dedicated to the study of the nonlinear geophysical water waves, taking into account the Coriolis forces, the stratification, and the presence of shear currents (vorticity) for two media with a free common interface, bounded above by a free surface and below by an impermeable bottom boundary. The practical relevance of the proposed research is underlined by the fact that nonlinear waves and their interaction with currents play an important role in environmental and climate science. Our tasks will be performed by exploring the possibility of expressing the governing water waves equations in canonical Hamiltonian form in terms of the variables associated with the wave.

Research Team:

Alan Compelli (Dublin Institute of Technology), Rossen Ivanov (Dublin Institute of Technology), Calin Iulian Martin (U Vienna)

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Research in Teams
April 10, 2017 — June 30, 2017