Tomas Roubicek (Charles University, Prague): Mathematical Methods in Continuum Mechanics of Solids

Advanced Graduate Lecture Course and Proseminar:

Consisting of a Lecture Course of 2 hours and a Proseminar of 1 hour per week:

Lecture Course (250122 VO): March to June 2017

Friday 11:45 - 13:15 hrs

Start: March 3, 2017

Problem Class (250123 PS): March to June 2017

Friday 13:15 - 14:00 hrs

Start: March 3, 2017

Abstract: The course will be focused on evolution problems arising in continuum mechanics and thermomechanics solids under small or large strains. Rigorous formulation of initial-boundary-value problems and existence of their solutions will be tackled via some constructive approximation (conceptually leading to implementable computer algorithms) and proving their stability (a-priori estimates) and convergence. The presented material should provide skills to formulate mathematically various physically consistent models arising in solid mechanics and thermomechanics and to perform their basic mathematical analysis, leading possibly to numerically stable, convergent, and implementable computational algorithms.


  • Part I. Brief introduction and mathematical prerequisities.
  • Part II. Linear rheological models at small strains.
  • Part III. Nonlinear materials with internal variables at small strains.
  • Part IV. Thermodynamics of selected materials and processes.
  • Part V. Evolution at large strains.

Some lecture notes will be made available during the course. These will consist from selected parts of an advanced textbook (coauthored by M. Kruzik) currently being prepared for Springer Verlag.

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March 1, 2017 — June 30, 2017