Topological Heterotic Strings and (0,2) Mirror Symmetry

Mirror symmetry, an isomorphism of two superconformal field theories (SCFTs), has lead to remarkable insights in mathematics and physics.  Mirror symmetry for SCFTs with (2,2) worldsheet supersymmetry is by now well understood.  SCFTs with only (0,2) supersymmetry constitute an active area for current research, particularly in the context of heterotic string theory.  (0,2) mirror symmetry will be crucial in exploring the mathematics and physics of this rich set of theories.

To investigate these matters, the workshop will bring together a group of experts on toric geometry, (2,2) mirror symmetry, special geometry, heterotic compactifications, and (0,2) sigma models.  The five day workshop will consist of seminars that will aim at describing the current state of the art and the important unresolved questions.  There will also be plenty of time for informal discussions and collaborations aimed at the unsolved problems.

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June 20, 2011 — June 24, 2011