Bialgebras in Free Probability

The aim of this ESI-programme is to advance the cross-fertilization between the areas of free probability and algebraic combinatorics. The workshop will provide an opportunity for researchers in these areas to meet and interact, in some cases for the first time. The core groups of free probabilists and combinatorialists will be supplemented by researchers from operator algebras, random matrices, physics, and other related fields.

There will be introductory lectures and two workshops,

  • the first workshop period February 14-25, 2011 will be about Combinatorial, Bialgebra, and Analytic Aspects (Schedules: February 15, February 16-18, February 21-25)
  • the second workshop period April 11-21, 2011 will be about Random Matrix, Operator Algebra, and Mathematical Physics Aspects (Schedules: April 11-15, April 18-21)

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Thematic Programme
Feb. 1, 2011 — April 22, 2011