Algebraic versus Analytic Geometry

The research programme features three topics with two speakers and one organizer each: Approximation Theorems and Arcs, Local Analytic Geometry, and Minimal Model Program. The programme consists of two stages: During the first stage (April-November 2011) the participants select and prepare the research themes. The themes could be established theories one would like to learn or understand better, concrete examples and applications to be worked out, or genuine research problems. Every participant is invited to submit suggestions on questions, problems and theories she/he is particularly interested in. In the second stage, the participants meet at the ESI (November 19th - December 13th 2011) to present, exchange and discuss their contributions.

Find the schedules here:

Week 1: Artin Approximation and Arcs
Week 2: Local Analytic Geometry
Week 3: Minimal Model Program

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Nov. 19, 2011 — Dec. 13, 2011