Computational Inverse Problems

Addressing a particular inverse problem requires dealing with three topics:

  1. Solvability: Existence of a solution of the Inverse Problem;
  2. Identifiability: That is, uniqueness of the solution;
  3. Stable solution: Inverse problems are inherently unstable (ill-posed) and require appropriate computational methods for stable and efficient solution processes.

This workshop will focus on the third topic, stable solution of inverse problems. Recently, driven by applications, the held has progressed rapidly: Novel trends have been sparsity promoting methods, sampling methods, shape optimization and level set techniques. Moreover, vice versa, stimulated by Inverse Problems applications novel mathematical developments in Convex Analysis, Functional Analysis and Banach space theory appeared. This workshop aims at bringing together researchers working in abstract and computational Inverse Problems. Both theoretical foundations, computational aspects, and mathematical modeling of Inverse Problems are considered in this workshop.

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April 22, 2012 — April 28, 2012