K-Theory and Quantum Fields

This programme includes an instructional workshop, May 29 - June 1 (Schedule), and two further workshops, June 4 - 15 (Schedules: week 1, week 2) and July 16 - 20 (Schedule).

In general terms there will be a focus on geometric and topological problems in quantum field theory including string theory and M-theory (D-branes and M-branes) including dualities and their role in string theory.

We expect twists in the form of twisted K-theory and higher analogues that may involve other generalised cohomology theories to be discussed. Differential K-theory, both twisted and untwisted and ellipic cohomology are aspects of this.

Noncommutative geometry in the form of twisted K-homology both analytic and geometric as well as the use of KK-theory and fractional analytic index theorems are likely topics. Increasingly apparent are the subtleties in the mathematical interpretation of the B-field which is a topic of interest to many participants.
Twists other than that of the usual degree three are also proving to be important, as is seen in the description of orientifolds. Elliptic cohomology or TMF have been constructed to explain the elliptic and Witten genera coming from quantum field theories and geometric models for such cohomology theories are a likely topic. String structures or their twisted versions on the loop space are an essential part of this.

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May 21, 2012 — May 27, 2012