Teichmüller Theory

This is a special programme on Teichmüller theory and its ramifications that will bring together people working in the various aspects of the field and beyond. The focus will be on the recent developments that include the following aspects: finite and infinite-dimensional Teichmüller spaces, the metric theory (Teichmüller, Weil-Petersson, Thurston and the other metrics), moduli spaces of flat connections, cluster algebras, three-manifold topology and invariants, mapping class group actions, The Teichmüller geodesic flow, operads, Thompson’s groups, the analytic theory, the Grothendieck-Teichmüller theory, quantization, the relations with biology, number theory and physics, and there are other topics.

There will be two conferences and several master classes.

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Thematic Programme
Jan. 28, 2013 — April 21, 2013